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Hey! I’m Madeline

Love coach dedicated to helping you create a conscious partnership that lasts.



Sister, I see you…

Because I was you.

Single and struggling in the dating world.

Full of insecurity and second guessing every move.

Should I text first, or wait to hear from him?

Should I keep it cool, or open up more?

While I secretly played out every possible scenario in my head, I’d go on dates with my guard up.

Trying to keep my heart protected, scared of speaking up and being fully seen.

Terrified of being labeled high maintenance, I kept my needs to myself.

I showed up as I thought guys wanted me to be.

Until I’d get fed up.

Unable to hold my truth in any longer, and parting ways became the only clear option.

These patterns plagued me for years.

I thought I was too broken for real love.

I started worrying that the right guy just wasn’t in the cards for me.

I shifted my focus to my job, my friends, anything to distract me from my deepest desire for a fulfilling relationship.

But I couldn’t shake the question, “If other people can have this, then why not me?”

I started a journey of unravelling my toxic patterns.

Understanding why I was attracting the same emotionally unavailable men.

Taking radical responsibility for my part in these dynamics.

And healing the deeper wounds that kept me heartbroken, insecure, and confused.

It was only after I cleaned up my energy,

and learned the specific tools for healthy communication, boundaries, and intimacy,

that I was able to enter the relationship I’ve always wanted, but never thought possible.

I want you to know, you can be loved for who you really are.

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