One of the most important aspects of a relationship is communication.

This is true at any stage of a relationship, but especially in the beginning.

The way you communicate has a dramatic impact on how a man interprets you, perceives you, and whether or not things progress.

That’s why it’s critical that your communication with a man be rooted in your feminine energy.

This isn’t just about teaching you the right words to say, although I’ll cover some of that below.

It’s also about nonverbal communication and energetics, even when you’re talking through a screen or app.

Today, we’ll look at three ways to improve your feminine communication to help transform how you interact with men.


When it comes to feminine communication, trust is one of the most important aspects.

An underlying sense of trust that no matter what’s happening in your love life, there’s something you can learn from. Learning to work with whatever is present when dating opens you to seeing growth opportunities for yourself, and your relationship.

This concept of trust goes even deeper, too.

What if you dated in such a way that you undoubtedly knew it’s never your only chance at love and no one man is the only man you’re compatible with?

It’s one thing to say you trust in your love life when things feel good and are flowing.

It’s another level to stay open to what you desire, with unwavering belief that it’s possible, even when there’s plenty of evidence you could use to make a different assumption.

Deep trust in yourself, in men as a whole, and the Universe, allows you to consciously choose being in a partnership – not from obligation, expectation, or desperation, but from a place of unshakable self-worth.

Less Questions, More Expression

One of the common things I hear from women I work with is that they feel like they’re the ones driving the conversation forward with men. Typically, this involves asking a lot of questions to help the conversation progress.

However, this can often lead to feeling that the interaction is more like an interview than a conversation. Plus, taking the lead to drive the conversation forward can put you in masculine energy of forcing and striving, which can ruin the polarity.

Here’s what this often looks like:

Man: “Hey! I’m happy we matched! How’s your day going?”

Woman: “Hi! It’s been really good. How’s yours?”

What just happened here?

Well, you passed the ball back to him, but gave him nothing to work with. There’s no real place for this conversation to go unless you keep firing off questions to him.

Not to mention, this creates disconnection from feeling and being able to receive his energy. At this point, it’s likely you’re no longer tuned into your intuition, discernment, or your fullest self-expression.

To embrace your feminine communication, try replacing questions with expression. Fill your communication with full, beautiful descriptions that show who you are as a person and tap into your senses.

A more feminine version of this interaction would look like:

Man: “Hey! I’m happy we matched! How’s your day going?”

Woman: “Hey, it’s been an amazing day! I just finished taking a yoga class at my favorite studio. I always feel so strong and energetic after! Now, I’m headed back to my place to make curry using all the colorful veggies in my fridge. What have you been up to today?”

With this second response, you’re sharing who you are and what brings you life. When we’re using our senses to describe our world and paint a picture, it invites someone into it.

Plus, you’re giving him a chance to pick up the ball and deepen the conversation.

This type of communication is very alluring to a man. It pulls him in and captivates him.

This is how you express feminine energy through a screen, by bringing life to your words.

I guarantee this will set you apart from the other women he’s talking to who rely on a boring, standard script that falls flat.

Energy Speaks Louder Than Words

Building off of the last tip, when you share something, you truly have to mean it. Energy always speaks louder than words. If you just say something without feeling it, he’s going to notice.

It doesn’t matter if you have the perfectly crafted text or response. If you’re not truly feeling it, he’ll sense it.

This also applies to in-person conversations – even more so! If you’re bored, tired, or not interested, he’s going to pick up on that.

However, the opposite is true as well. If you’re excited, personable, or curious, he’ll notice that too!

Your energy is what’s going on inside you. That’s why it’s important to do the inner work and get in touch with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

When you do, you can easily and naturally show up as your whole self and give off the energy that you want to project.

Your energy and words will align, bringing the right feminine energy to your interactions.

Ask yourself, “What would it look like to communicate from a place of open hearted expression?”

You can express desires and excitement with an open heart, and you can also share disappointments or hurtful moments with an open heart.

The woman who is skilled in feminine energy knows that relating with an open heart, through the highs and lows of dating, is what strengthens her connection with a man.

Communicating from a closed heart will inevitably lead to your partner closing off as well.

Be intentional with your energy, embodiment, and expression, then watch how quickly your feminine magnetism turns on and pulls in the right man.

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