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Episode 20 – What Commitment Ready Men Look For In Women

Ever wonder what commitment ready men actually look for in women? I’m sharing the top 5 aspects they value when looking for a partner. Without these things in place, you may be unknowingly repelling great men, so listen up!

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Episode 19 – Should I Move On, Or Make It Work?

When beginning to see someone for a few dates, or even a few months…the question often comes up, is this really working? If you’re wondering if you’re settling, or if this is meant for the long run…listen up! In today’s episode, I’m sharing how to overcome the most common roadblocks that get in the way of a new connection evolving into lasting love. You’ll learn how to gain clarity on whether you should move on, or make it work.

Episode 18 – Have Him See You As Relationship Material

Do you know what influences a man to either claim you, or put you in the friend zone? There’s a few common mistakes that can turn a promising connection into a false start. And trust me, I’ve made them all. The good news? It’s a simple process to turn things around. Regardless if you’re dipping your toe in the dating pool, feeling out your options…Or you’re currently dating someone and wanting to give it your best chance at developing into more…You’re going to find something to support your process in today’s episode.

Episode 17 – Deep Trust In Dating Now

Chances are, you have a beautiful vision for the life you and your special person will create. Outdoor adventures? International travel? Starting a family? Lazy Saturday mornings? Falling asleep snuggling together? Whatever your dream, I know frustration, impatience, and doubt can creep in. Before you let those sneaky fear-based thoughts get the best of you, may I suggest something that will help you not only feel better, but get you into a place of smart action in your love life today. Today’s episode will do just that!

Episode 16 – How To Stop Mixed Signals In Dating

Mixed signals in dating – does anyone like them?! If you’re ready to end the confusion, listen up! In today’s episode, I share what causes mixed signals, why knowing your attraction blueprint makes a huge difference, and a few hot tips for ditching the hot/cold patterns in love once and for all.

Episode 15 – ONE Question To Skyrocket Your Confidence In Love Today 

I’m sharing an inside look into the very process I used to move out of dead-end dating patterns (ya know, essentially dating the same type of guy with a different face) that left me wondering how I ended up in the same old situation over and over. Once I started asking myself these simple but highly effective questions (especially one question in particular!), I got in the driver’s seat of my love life. Now, it’s your turn.

Episode 14 – The Fastest Way To Attract An Available Partner

Tune in to uncover 3 simple but powerful shifts to start, or build, attraction with an available partner today.

Episode 13 – Having Needs Vs Being Needy

Let’s clear this up today, once and for all! Tune in to learn the key difference between having needs or being needy, and how to get your needs met in an effective way.

Episode 12 – This Bonds His Heart To Yours

I’ve been chatting with many women in our community this week, and a common theme has been fear of full self-expression in dating. This can look a lot of different ways, but it often comes down to fear of looking needy, emotional, dramatic, or high maintenance. I get fired up about supporting you to release these fears and own your fullness, so that you become magnetic to your perfect match. How do you attract the kind of partner who will love you for exactly who you are? So glad you asked! Tune in now to learn what creates a secure, lasting bond with the right man, and how you can start implementing these steps right away.

Episode 11 – How To Shift From Insecurity To Intuition In Dating

One of the biggest challenges for women who feel anxious in dating is wondering if what they’re feeling is coming from insecurity, or intuition. Today I’m uncovering the biggest cause for insecurity in dating, and how to release it so you get clear on your intuition. Having strong intuition in dating will give you confidence to make the right decisions for your love life, without worrying or second guessing.

Episode 10 – How To Tell If He’s Emotionally Available On The First Date

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell right away if someone is emotionally available? I share a few key points that indicate if he’s open to love, or an avoidant type likely to push you away. I also discuss how to ditch early attaching in dating so you stay grounded, confident, and ready for an incredible connection with the right person.

Episode 9 – Increase Intimacy In Dating With 1 Simple Shift

Feeling secure, deeply connected, and emotionally safe…the basis for all healthy, thriving relationships. If you tend to shy away from vulnerability in dating, this episode is for you. Tune in to learn a simple but powerful shift that will help you go from hiding your authentic self, to fully seen, loved, and cherished in your relationship.

Episode 8 – Chemistry vs Compatibility: Is it love or lust?

Have you been falling for the lust of chemistry, or are you aligned with the lasting power of compatibility? Tune in to find out how you can set yourself up for the right kind of relationship.

Episode 7 – What inspires a man to meet your needs

Imagine no longer feeling needy or high maintenance in dating. It’s possible! In today’s episode, you’ll learn the process for inspiring a man to rise up and meet your needs in a way that leaves you both fulfilled. 

Episode 6 – How To Attract An Available Partner

If you find yourself going from confident and full of self-worth, to insecure and anxious when you meet someone you’re interested in, this episode is for you! I’m sharing my top four tools to shift from insecure to irresistible in dating.

Episode 5 – Busting Through The Unconscious Blocks To Love

What keeps incredible women single, even when they deeply desire a committed relationship? The answer may surprise you. We’re diving beneath the surface today, to uncover the top unconscious beliefs holding you back from receiving the relationship you deserve.

Episode 4 – How To Feel Patience With The Dating Process

Right now, you may want to feel open, trusting, and relaxed in the dating process…but let’s be real, this whole finding-your-person-thing can feel hard at times. How do you balance feeling non-attached, while also deeply desiring something? How do you maintain hope when you’ve felt discouraged time and time again? I’m answering these questions and so much more in my fresh new episode.

Episode 3 – Am I Ready To Date?

Wondering if you’re ready to dive into the world of dating after a break? Or maybe you’re considering a dating pause now while you work on self-love. Before you call it quits, listen to this. I’m sharing a helpful framework for you to assess if this is the time to claim single status, or go all in on your relationship goals.

Episode 2 – Where To Find Your High Quality Partner

Do you seem to attract the same types of people, even though they’re not the kind of match you’re looking for? You find yourself in dating patterns of people becoming distant and pulling away, acting “hot and cold”, and overall emotionally unavailable? Let’s break down what’s really going on here. In today’s episode, I uncover the truth behind these patterns, and how to break free. Your high quality partner is out there. Tune in to find out where!

Episode 1 – Why Struggling In Dating Is A Very Good Thing

Ready to give up on dating? Listen to this first! We’re diving into the four areas women struggle most in dating, what to do about it, and why struggling to attract the right partner is actually something to get excited about.

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