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Discover your hidden Attraction Blueprint® and release hidden painful dating patterns for good so you can confidently attract your man this year, without wasting time with online dating, and even if you’ve been busy thriving in your career and haven’t focused on love in years.

Hey gorgeous, before you read any further let’s get one thing straight:

This isn’t another program where you’re lost in a sea of people without personalized support.

If you’re used to programs that promise the world only to find they’re full of fluff, you’ll be delighted to learn we do things differently.

The Irresistible Woman® Experience is an ever expanding home base for conscious women to plug into hands-on coaching, advanced trainings to cover every step of the dating and relationship building process, and an intimate community with women who will celebrate and cheer you on.

Designed based on my years as a licensed therapist, lessons learned as a horribly anxious dater now cherished daily by my high quality hubby, and my constant evolution as a visionary leader, there’s a reason clients say it’s like a PhD program inside!

We go deep to provide a lasting love life transformation unlike anything you’ve seen before, while intentionally designing our holistic customized coaching to be easy to implement for quick wins.

This is where you come when you’ve decided this is your year for love and want a shortcut from single to soulmate that leverages your unique Attraction Blueprint® to create an upper hand in the dating game.

This is the portal you walk through when you’re ready to become The Irresistible Woman® who has the love you’ve always dreamed of, because you became a match to it from the inside out.

At the end of our year together, you’ll feel more alive, radiant, and relaxed than ever before, and you’ll have the romantic, adventure filled, playful, secure relationship to match.

When you’re ready to melt away anxious or avoidant dating patterns for good so your feminine radiance can effortlessly draw in your perfect match…

You desire to embody that “I’ll have what she’s having” energy that captivates the room and oozes inner security, deep self worth, and the knowing that you get to have it all – the love, abundance, and joy – without settling…

When you’re ready to prioritize having lasting love in your life as the final piece of the puzzle in your already full, amazing life…

You’re in the right place.

There’s no reason this can’t be your reality.

If I can go from anxious in dating to secure in my dream relationship, so can you.


Once I understood how my Attraction Blueprint® works in love, I met my incredible husband Shaun.

Let me show you how

Learn exactly how to date in a way that feels authentic, fun, and easily draws in your man for a lifetime of love.

(Even if you’ve been facing the same painful, dead-end dating patterns for years – we’ll clear all that up)

My signature Attraction Blueprint® process supports you to step into the confident, secure, irresistible woman you already truly are. From there, your love life transforms with new, exciting opportunities.

Warning: A dramatic improvement in the quality of men you attract will occur!

Identify Your Unique Attraction Blueprint®

Heal The Hidden Root Cause Of Attracting Unavailable Men And Become A High-Quality Man Magnet

Claim Your Desires

Know Exactly What You Want In A Relationship And Express It Without Feeling Needy

Create Opportunities For Him To Find You

Learn How To Catch His Eye On And Offline And Flirt In A Natural, Feel Good Way

Unleash Your Hidden Magnetism

Discover How To Drop Your Guard And Become Irresistible

Strengthen Your Intuition And Self-Trust

Never Ignore A Red Flag Again And Know How To Confidently Move Forward

Connect To His Heart

Learn Communication Skills That Inspire Him To Meet Your Needs

Skyrocket Your Confidence

Break Through Your Fears And Be Secure In Your Relationship

Receive Personalized Support Every Step Of The Way

Get All Your Questions Answered With Loving Guidance

Identify Your Unique Attraction Blueprint®

Heal The Hidden Root Cause Of Attracting Unavailable Men And Become A High-Quality Man Magnet

Claim Your Desires

Know Exactly What You Want In A Relationship And Express Your Needs Without Feeling Needy

Create Opportunities For Him To Find You

Learn How To Catch His Eye On And Offline And Flirt In A Natural, Feel Good Way

Unleash Your Hidden Magnetism

Discover How To Drop Your Guard And Become Irresistible

Strengthen Your Intuition And Self-Trust

Never Ignore A Red Flag Again And Know How To Confidently Move Forward

Connect To His Heart

Learn Communication Skills That Inspire Him To Meet Your Needs

Skyrocket Your Confidence

Break Through Your Fears And Be Secure In Your Relationship

Receive Personalized Support Every Step Of The Way

Get All Your Questions Answered With Loving Guidance

Identify Your Unique Attraction Blueprint®

Heal The Hidden Root Cause Of Attracting Unavailable Men And Become A High-Quality Man Magnet

Claim Your Desires

Know Exactly What You Want In A Relationship And Express Your Needs Without Feeling Needy

Create Opportunities For Him To Find You

Learn How To Catch His Eye On And Offline And Flirt In A Natural, Feel Good Way

Unleash Your Hidden Magnetism

Discover How To Drop Your Guard And Become Irresistible

Strengthen Your Intuition And Self-Trust

Never Ignore A Red Flag Again And Know How To Confidently Move Forward

Connect To His Heart

Learn Communication Skills That Inspire Him To Meet Your Needs

Skyrocket Your Confidence

Break Through Your Fears And Be Secure In Your Relationship

Receive Personalized Support Every Step Of The Way

Get All Your Questions Answered With Loving Guidance

“I was struggling with everything! Setting boundaries, attracting unavailable men, using dating apps in a productive way, getting ghosting. All of it was difficult.

My fears around dating were that I wanted too much, my standards were too high and that I wasn’t really worthy of that so I had to take whatever I could get. Madeline helped me see that it is ok to set a high bar and accept that I am worthy of my desires.

Madeline provided a framework and structure to approach the dating process in an empowering way and to stay true to myself and my goals.

I began identifying red flags more easily, stopped early attaching, and attracting higher quality men.

Having direct coaching was invaluable over the year. I am so glad I decided to work with Madeline!”


I struggle with a common fear of women my age: that I’m no longer seen as attractive. And while I’m grateful to be terrifically healthy and active for my age, I feel the ticking of the clock.

I felt completely accepted and supported in The Irresistible Woman® Experience – no one thought it was weird that I’m longing for partnership at my age.

By learning to trust that support, I’ve been learning to trust myself and my longings, and to believe that what I want IS available to me and worth believing in.

Madeline’s materials are superb, and learning how my Attraction Blueprint® has affected my relationships up until now has been invaluable.

I learned to really own my standards, not waste emotional energy on anyone who wasn’t a good fit, and exit gracefully but efficiently when it became clear that I wouldn’t thrive with a particular person, no matter how cute or charming he was.

I’ve been able to let go of a lot of anxious behaviors, including being a lot less reactive. I can now make more trusting, secure choices.”


“I could never stand using online dating for more than three months at a time. I’d always attract unavailable, immature guys. I decided I preferred being single, even though I really wanted partnership.

I had an avoidant, invisible persona going on, but underneath that was anxious attachment. I brought all of that to my work with Madeline, and thought I needed to heal more before dating again.

Madeline showed me I could create a new dating experience. I joke that I’m now standing by a raging river with all this power flowing because there’s this influx of masculine men coming towards me that I’ve never had before.

My deepest fear was that I was too old and too sick to have the love I want, but I learned it’s not too late and I can have exactly what I deserve.


“I struggled with a belief that true love is unattainable. I struggled with trusting myself and others. I saw my pride and ego sabotaging my relationships because I always needed to be right, faster, smarter, etc.

The Irresistible Woman® Experience created a safe container to reveal ALL parts of myself. I am strengthening my self-love and am overcoming old painful dating patterns.

I can now detect compatibility and be firm with boundaries that help me avoid codependent relationships. I feel less anger, resentment, and anxiety. I have more freedom, clarity, and inner peace. I’m in a relationship with a man who is truly high quality, and with whom I can relax as my full self.

The best thing about working with Madeline is learning to TRUST! Trusting my coach, trusting the group, trusting myself, trusting the process.”


“Before working with Madeline, I couldn’t seem to attract a man who actually wanted a committed relationship and I didn’t understand why.

Through the Irresistible Woman® Experience, I began attracting men more in line with my values and desires. I have less anxiety in dating because I understand my Attraction Blueprint®.

The best thing was Madeline’s constant high level of support. Knowing I could overcome anything with her by my side. And also the support and love of all the ladies in the group.

Learning my Attraction Blueprint® gave me so much understanding of my unhealthy dating patterns and allows me to understand how to date healthily and happily.

I would tell women that working with Madeline is the best gift they could ever give themselves.


“I was living a pattern in my relationships which I grew up with. Their needs came first, their wants, I was a people pleaser – I was always afraid to express my wants or if things were bothering me for fear that they would leave. My last relationship was the most traumatizing with a narcissist which destroyed any shreds of self esteem I may have been clinging to.

I’ve been going on dates, I feel like overall they’ve been higher-quality men. I’ve also gone in without any expectations. In the past, I used to build stories in my head causing anxiety. I anticipated failure.

I feel much more confident, I don’t overthink or create the stories in my head. I believe in myself now.

Listening to Madeline’s own experiences as well as the group’s – which were similar and I was able to relate – helped me bring changes into my own life.

I felt like Madeline always made herself available and was fully engaged with the group. I absolutely recommend Madeline. She’s very encouraging and knowledgable – feels like a good friend rooting for you.”


“I’ve been working with Madeline for about 3 years now, and I can sincerely say that the connection and process have been nothing short of life-changing and deeply transformative at a heart, soul level.

Investing in The Irresistible Woman® Experience with Madeline has gotten me further ahead in my personal growth than therapy did (her training and background certainly help).

I started working with her in a deep state of exasperation – I felt I had tried everything to make dating and relationships work for me, but was stuck – unable to get out of my own way, or to even understand and see how or why I was getting in my own way.

Working with Madeline helped me identify, clear out and move through SO many false beliefs and old traumas that needed healing – but that I previously couldn’t even see I needed healing from.

It took a lot of work and honesty with myself to see what within me was holding me back and getting in my way, in both romance and in life – and it took Madeline’s process to help me safely and securely do that work in a purposeful, guided manner. My work is not done – but who I am today in my personal growth and in my ability to cultivate an intimate, true relationship with a man I desire IS WORLDS away from where I started 3 years ago. The catalyst? Madeline.

I cannot recommend her enough. From the bottom of my heart – if you’re feeling stuck, believe me you are NOT. You just need guidance in figuring out what thoughts and patterns are leading you to believe you’re stuck, and how to dislodge yourself into a far wider world of possibilities and healing. And Madeline can help.”


I’ve been working with Madeline for just a few short months, but I’ve already experienced some major shifts as a result.  I’m learning to quickly evaluate what I want/need in a relationship and was recently able to walk away from a newer relationship that looked good on paper, but as I dug deep, I realized wasn’t going to provide the soul partnership I was really seeking. 

Before working with her, I would have let that relationship go on much longer than it should have.  Now I’ve met someone who is so much better suited for me, who is showing up for me and to whom I can (for the first time) comfortably express my needs. My self confidence is increasing as I learn that I can be myself and not worry I’m too much.”


The doors are now closed, and will be re-opening soon. Sign up for the waitlist to be the first notified when enrollment is open, and to receive exclusive access to Early Bird savings and bonuses.

We love and honor your privacy & will never rent or sell your information. When you join us, you are also agreeing to receive other emails from Madeline Charles Coaching LLC.

You crave being pursued, provided for, and protected by the masculine. As much as you can boss babe your way through the day, you long for coming home and relaxing into your man’s arms instead of another night binging Netflix alone.

Your vibe speaks louder than any perfectly curated text could, because you’ve prioritized your magnetism and ability to hold the sensations of men expressing interest without spiraling into shut down or second guessing.

What once felt like “who, me?” when a guy approaches you, is now an expected byproduct from finally owning what a catch you are.

You’ve come so far from the days of settling and ignoring your intuition in dating, and yet, you know there’s another level of unshakable inner security waiting to be unlocked so you let more love, abundance, and joy in and actually enjoy it instead of sabotaging it away.

Your most indulgent dreams of coming home to surprise flowers, date nights with every detail planned, deep conversation that make you feel seen and supported, and steamy intimacy that only gets better with time, are no longer far away fantasies, but the minimum standard you’re willing to accept in love.

You’re committed to doing your part to be a match for all of this.

You know you could spend the rest of the year sorting through endless books, podcasts, and videos, but your time is precious and you’d rather not read one more cringy surface level ‘5 steps to make a man chase you’ article.

You want the fast track to lasting love, and you’re ready to cut through the games and tactics to find a community of other successful, spiritual women who are also becoming master receivers in love and life.

Because when you’re surrounded by the right people, you can’t not win.

For those of you raising your hand to say YES, this is the year everything changes and I attract the secure, sexy relationship of my dreams… we can’t wait to welcome you in.

The Irresistible Woman® Experience is right for you if:

  • You’re a smart, self-aware woman who has been in the personal growth world for a while – you know about attachment styles, law of attraction, and feminine energy – and you want the most effective tools that go beyond the basics, to attract the right man and make it last!
  • You have a beautiful life that would only be made better by having a partner to share it with, and you’re ready to take the steps to have this last missing piece!
  • You’re busy and don’t have time to keep searching for the answer to your love life questions in online freebies, books, and podcasts. You’re ready for a proven process that is tailored to your specific circumstances with high level personalized support so you save yourself time, energy, and heartache.
  • You often feel insecure, anxious, or guarded, and are unsure how to date in a way that draws men in who are on your level, without things fizzling out after the first few weeks or into your long term relationship.
  • You know the right coaching will help you see the blind spots you can’t see on your own and you want to uplevel the way you think, feel, and act in your love life so you align with what you really want.
  • You know that being in community with the right people will make a HUGE difference in your success! (We go further together.)

The Irresistible Woman® Experience is not for you if…

  • You are looking for dating games, tactics, or strategies to “hook a man”.
  • You are often grumpy or tend to be a Negative Nancy or complainer.
  • You aren’t coachable, open or positive.
  • You can’t, or don’t want to, contribute anything to the rest of the group.
  • You’re not willing to take action to grow yourself and in your love life.

I get where you’re at. I used to seriously struggle in the love department. I either attracted emotionally unavailable men who were hot and cold only to fizzle out after a while, or I repelled great guys with my anxious energy. I tried everything to figure out why – from therapy, books, podcasts, you name it. Nothing created a permanent, positive change until I uncovered my Attraction Blueprint®.

I followed the exact steps outlined in this program and very quickly turned my love life around. Now the dream relationship I once thought wasn’t possible, is my reality.

Shortly after I made specific changes in the way I approached dating, I met my husband Shaun. The level of intimacy, connection, and emotional availability we experience is unlike anything I’ve ever known.

This is absolutely possible for you, too.

You just likely haven’t received the right kind of guidance yet. Especially if you feel insecure in love, there is a specific process for stepping into your confidence and magnetism that works for your unique blueprint (things that aren’t taught in all the other generic love coaching out there).

You no longer need to struggle or settle in love. The dream relationship you desire is possible – with a clear path and process that works. How would it change your life to be claimed by your dream man next year?

Right now you may be focusing on being in your feminine energy, waiting for guys to initiate, and trying to play it cool in an attempt to keep your insecurity at bay.

You don’t want to come off as ‘too much’ and scare him away.

The thing is, those tactics are the very thing that can have the exact result you’re trying to avoid.

By pushing down how you really feel and getting caught in the trap of overthinking, second guessing, and worrying about every move with him, you unfortunately create the very circumstances you’re trying to avoid.


I know, because that used to be me.

Ready to magnetize lasting love, with unshakable confidence and unbelievable ease?

Releasing all feelings of neediness, desperation, and unworthiness, you step into the version of you that’s always been there – the version of you who is secure in the love she has attracted.

The version of you who is irresistible.

Hear from happy clients

Hear how Janis got over the fear of investing in herself and has since experienced a ‘miraculous change’.

Hear how Whitney dissolved her resistance to a 12 month program and saw the benefit of being fully committed to her desires.

Hear how Danielle decided this was her best next step after being on the fence.

Hear how Jennifer got unstuck in love and became a high quality man magnet.

Hear how Cindy attracted great men after years of wanting to be invisible to them.

Hear how Cindy found the confidence and self-worth to open herself up to finding love.

Hear how Iris overcame anxious dating patterns after thinking she’d have to live like that forever.

Hear how Tosha stopped settling for crumbs and attracted the right guy.

Hear how Angelina attracted her fiancé within weeks of working together.


What’s included in The Irresistible Woman® Experience?

High Level Secure Dating + Relationship Group Coaching for 12 full months. You will receive expert level personalized support to provide you with tools, tips and proprietary resources to support you as you attract the right man and make it last.

2x/Year In-Person Coaching Opportunities – Imaging taking time away from the daily grind to indulge in transformative deep dive coaching, feminine embodiment workshops and more in inspiring, luxurious locations with gourmet meals included, along with time for play and sisterhood connection. Practice receiving like a queen during our enjoy a mid-year retreat and end of year coaching intensive. We know that getting off screen and immersing in a weekend long getaway is where the work really integrates, so we’re thrilled to offer these opportunities at mid-year and end of year to really solidify the shifts you’re making along the way.

(3) Live Group Mastermind Calls Per Month – grand total of 36 love coaching calls. This includes the opportunity for one-on-one personalized laser coaching in an intimate group setting to get direct guidance, support, and action steps to quickly move through dating and relationship stuck points.

(12) Love Accelerator Training Calls (in total) to learn a new practice or approach focused on deepening your secure attachment, feminine communication skills, polarity practices to ignite and keep the attraction spark going, and manifesting tools to accelerate your love life.

Monthly Focus: Pre-Recorded Mini Masterclass and Resource Guide to help you with the emotional, energetic, and practical areas of love that you need to keep moving forward.

The Irresistible Woman® Experience Training Modules and Exclusive Member Portal with an extensive library of easy-to-digest video trainings, exclusive love attraction resources, and more covering everything you need to effortlessly flow from just starting to date to preparing for marriage.

Daily Support in the Irresistible Woman® Experience Private Online Community for encouragement, sharing, celebrations, intention-setting, idea-sharing, and sisterhood.

Free Attendance to Any Live Paid-For Trainings offered by Madeline Charles that are running during the Irresistible Woman Experience.

Replays Available for all calls.


Bonus #1: Quarterly Private Love Magnet Activation Calls ($1,600 Value)

Enjoy 1:1 45 minute calls for ongoing private coaching support, in addition to regular group calls.

Bonus #2: Love Accelerator Vault ($15k value)

Enjoy 15+ exclusive trainings available on-demand, covering topics like “Getting Visible To Great Men In The Wild”, “How To Let Men Support You When You’ve Been Independent For So Long”, “Letting Him Rise (Release Caretaking And Deeply Receive)” and many more juicy topics.

Bonus #3: 1 Week Telegram 1:1 Back Pocket Coaching ($2,500 Value)

Activate your week of private coaching when a dating or relationship hiccup occurs and you want to navigate it with clarity and confidence. Through real time private audio and text messaging, we’ll solve whatever’s coming up and help you come out on the other side feeling amazing.

Struggling with money?

Bonus #4: Magnetize Men & Money (value $400)

Do you worry about your money in the same way you worry about men? Imagine uncovering the secrets to attracting both more financial, and romantic, opportunities. The process for creating an abundance of money and love is the same, and in this training, I’ll show you the exact steps to make it happen now.

Struggling with time?

Bonus #5: How To Balance Dating With Your Busy Life (value $300)

If you’re over spending hours swiping on the apps and going on first dates that lead nowhere, worry not! In this training, I’ll show you how to keep dating a priority while balancing the rest of your busy life. Learn how to date smarter and more efficiently, saving you time for what really matters.

Bonus #6: (2) Event Tickets to The Irresistible WomanActivation LIVE In-Person Love Retreat, Fall 2024 in Denver, Colorado ($2,000 Value)

You and a friend get full access to the 3-day transformational event with Madeline Charles and a group of soul sisters, for an unforgettable experience that will unlock your next chapter in love.



You have a choice

Continue painful dating patterns with men who come on strong then fizzle out, leaving you wondering what you’re doing wrong and ready to swear off the whole dating thing for a while (even though you deeply desire a lasting, secure relationship with a man who makes you feel like a queen).


You can decide that this is the last holiday season you’ll spend single by learning the exact process necessary for replacing anxiety, insecurity, and worry in your love life with magnetism, radiance, and irresistible feminine energy.

There’s no reason why you can’t have the relationship of your dreams.

In fact, once you realize you’ve been the one (often unknowingly) getting in your own way, everything changes. Opportunities to create a new ending to your love story appear (like this one!).

If you’ve been waiting for a sign that it’s time to learn how to date effectively and ultimately attract your man for life – consider this it.

“I was feeling frozen and unsure how to take the first steps to move forward in my love life. Madeline helped identify what was holding me back, to stay confident, and focused on my goals of finding love. I attracted a great man and have felt empowered in the dating process.

The best thing was Madeline’s support and guidance in times where insecurity would take over my brain. I learned through her positive and gentle guidance that I could go out and find EXACTLY what I was looking for, and I did. My Attraction Blueprint® helped me know what my starting point was and how to build towards a more secure self. 

The investment you make is to your future self. You deserve to invest in her– her happiness and contentment in love is a treasure you can and will find.


“Before The Irresistible Woman® Experience I struggled with anxiety, feeling desperate and hopeless, over-analyzing all my interactions with men, and wondering if I would ever be able to overcome what was “wrong” with me to find a man for a loving, committed relationship.

The Attraction Blueprint® information was so helpful not only because I was able to identify what mine was, but also knowing it’s possible to change it. Don’t wait to join The Irresistible Woman® Experience! Madeline is patient, kind, wise, calming, and creates a safe and supportive environment to explore who you are in love and what you can be.

- Keely

“Before I started working with Madeline, I had lack of clear boundaries in dating, frustration, fear, and doubt. I learned how to step into my feminine power, anchor into belief that it’s possible to create what I want, and not settle for less.

She helped me stay more playful in my interactions with men. One recently said I was “awesome” at flirting. I’ve attracted higher quality men and am enjoying going on more dates. My energy and vibe are higher and I deepened my belief that love is possible for me.”

- Liz

“I used to struggle with putting myself out there. Through learning how my Attraction Blueprint® interacts in relationships, I’ve attracted more male attention, improved my ability to effectively communicate my needs and desires, and feel less insecure about dating.

Madeline helped me be more confident in who I am and with being my true authentic self. She also helped me raise my self-worth and overcome fear of rejection. The Attraction Blueprint® helped me understand myself, and men, better.

- Renee

“My biggest transformational moment has been realizing that everything I ever wanted, and more, is now present in my life. Once I decided it was possible and started taking action, it came right towards me.

I’m so grateful for Madeline, she’s the best! I also appreciate what Madeline has taught me in regards to love has so many applications in my day to day life. I’m so glad I finally stopped resisting and started working with Madeline!”


This is different

Let’s clear something up: I’m not the Walmart of Love Coaching.

How many big group programs have you been in where you left the calls feeling like you didn’t get what you needed, your questions weren’t answered, or you weren’t heard because you were lost in a sea of people? In The Irresistible Woman® Experience, that will never happen.

Getting to know you and providing customized support every step of the way is our top priority – including everything from deep inner work to helping craft your online dating profile. We’ve seen how much our clients thrive when they have in depth coaching, and we know that will make a BIG difference for you too!

You can get private coaching with me for $30,000 a year OR for a fraction of that with The Irresistible Woman® Experience, you get private, personalized attention in a community of high vibe women.

If you value a boutique coaching experience where you’re never overlooked and always supported, we’d be thrilled to help make this your year for lasting love.

The doors are now closed, and will be re-opening soon. Sign up for the waitlist to be the first notified when enrollment is open, and to receive exclusive access to Early Bird savings and bonuses.

We love and honor your privacy & will never rent or sell your information. When you join us, you are also agreeing to receive other emails from Madeline Charles Coaching LLC.

Meet Your Coach

Once Madeline Charles cracked the code on attracting the right relationship, she knew she had to share her wisdom with the world. Blending her professional experience as a licensed psychotherapist with intuition, Madeline shares equal parts practical and spiritual guidance, to support women in receiving a secure, healthy partnership. Most known for helping women uncover their Attraction Blueprint®, Madeline supports single women release the anxiety associated with finding love. When not coaching, Madeline can be found in the mountains of Colorado, living a vibrant, love-filled life with her husband Shaun.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd really like to move forward but can't afford it right now. Will you be offering The Irresistible Woman® Experience again?

I know it can feel scary or even near impossible to invest in yourself when you don’t have the money in your bank account at this moment. But I invite you to slow down and really tune in. You may even make a list of the ways it’s costing your emotional and physical health to not receive support. I’d hate to see you in the same place  a year from now, when in less than 12 months you can learn how to attract the right man and make it last. Also, don’t forget you’ll receive the bonus Magnetizing Men and Money training, which will help you with both money and love.

If The Irresistible Woman® Experience is something you feel pulled to, are you willing to creatively problem solve this for yourself? I’ve had clients (and I’ve done this when receiving coaching myself!) borrow money, sell things, reduce spending in other areas, or add an extra income source.

The fact that you are on this page says some part of you knows this is important. This is the last time we’re running The Irresistible Woman® Experience this year, and next time it will likely be at a higher investment so if you are feeling the nudge, now is the time.

But don’t just take it from me, here’s how my client Liz worked through her own fears around the financial investment for coaching:

“I have always been responsible with money and in general, so it concerned me that I was in a place where I had never been-in debt!  My family wasn’t any help because they criticized me for this, however, I also realized that they didn’t understand because they did not invest in bettering themselves. I figured out ways to save, redeemed rewards, and looked at how I was spending (which I had been meaning to do for a long time), so I could pay off my coaching investment as quickly as possible.  It was uncomfortable, but instead of focusing on the lack, I focused on the fact that I have the ability to pay it off quickly and looked more at what me investing in myself was going to open up for me. Staying in my comfort zone, listening to others’ negativity and letting my negativity and lack thinking, limit what I felt was possible for me was no longer an option. The shifts I’ve made over the past two years in working with Madeline have been HUGE! And the results I’ve already seen have been well worth the investment, and will continue to be as I push beyond my comfort zone.” -Liz

I have too much on my plate right now (work, parenting, etc). I don't think this is the right time to focus on my love life.

It’s very common as women to put other’s needs above our own. Investing in your love life may feel selfish, irresponsible, or inconvenient for other areas of life right now. Ask yourself how much of a priority is it to experience an incredible, lasting soul partnership before the holidays.

This isn’t about what’s a priority for others – just you. If attracting your man is a deep desire of yours, take this as a loving permission slip to really own that. Unless you actually create the space to focus on your love life, nothing will change.

When we honor our desires and get support to solve a problem that has plagued us for years, that is the most responsible thing we can do. You are modeling taking care of yourself to your family, friends, and children.  

This program will support you to feel more balanced in life as you receive the tools to attract real love – something you’ve likely wanted to experience for quite some time. And sister, that time is now.

On a practical note, you have lifetime access to all materials and recordings, so you can go at your own pace. It’s only important that you don’t let more time go by with nothing changing.


I don't think I need support for my love life. Shouldn't I be able to figure this out on my own?

Here’s the thing – we don’t receive any real training or education on how to create healthy relationships, and most of us didn’t have great role models for this either. If you’ve been stuck in the same dead-end dating patterns, chances are there’s something going on in your beliefs, habits, and patterns. These kinds of shifts don’t happen alone. With the help of a guide and loving community, you uncover the blindspots that have been holding you back (things you can’t possibly see on your own).

If you were able to figure it out, you probably would have by now. Because you’re really smart, and you’ve likely tried a lot of things already (like books, podcasts, workshops, and YouTube videos on dating). Chances are, there’s something you’er not aware of about you habits, beliefs, and patterns in dating. I’d love to help you experience a real breakthrough in your love life right now.

How is this program different from others? I've already watched all the YouTube videos, listened to podcasts, read books, attended workshops from other love coaches and haven't seen the results.

The truth is, most dating advice out there (on YouTube, podcasts, books, workshops, etc) doesn’t address the unique challenges of women who feel anxious or insecure in dating. If you’ve been consuming all the love coaching advice and not seeing results, you likely haven’t received the specific tools that allow you to feel secure and confident as you attract the right relationship. This program is designed for the woman who identifies as an anxious or avoidant dater, and is ready to release those patterns for good.

You get a potent blend of my education and expertise as a licensed therapist trained in trauma healing and attachment styles, plus my lived experience of transforming my love life and now helping hundreds of women do the same. Most coaches do not have this level of professional training. 

My client Iris shares her turning point: “I watched a lot of coaching videos on YouTube, and had a lot of questions around how I heal my anxious dating patterns. Most coaches said the best you can do is find a securely attached guy, and hope he accepts you. And I thought, “there’s got to be another way”. I interviewed a lot of coaches, but I chose to work with Madeline because I resonated with her approach of actually healing anxious attachment. I was getting confused with all the different dating advice out there, and realized I needed something specific for me. Having someone coach me through my dating process has been invaluable. I’ve made leaps and bounds. This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

Life is busy. How much time will this program take to complete?

This program is designed to support your busy lifestyle and give you epic results. You can expect to focus about 2 hours/month on the program and still see big changes in your love life. All live coaching calls are recorded, for you to review whenever is convenient (with lifetime access to all calls and materials). Plus, there are built in catch up weeks for you to integrate what you’ve been learning. And our private online community is available for 24/7 coaching support. Don’t forget, you also get a bonus training on How To Balance Dating With Your Busy Life, which will provide tools to make space for all of your desires.

I've tried group coaching in the past and didn't receive much personal support. Is this different?

This group is intentionally kept a small, intimate size to ensure everyone receives personal support. Each group coaching call includes the opportunity for direct coaching from me, to answer your specific questions. There is also an option to add ongoing private coaching support during the group program. If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity, please send an email to madeline@madelinecharlescoaching.com.

My question isn't answered here. How do I get in touch?

I’m happy to answer your questions and help you decide your next best step-whether that’s this program, or not. Just shoot me a message at madeline@madelinecharlescoaching.com and I’ll be in touch soon.

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