The Irresistible Woman

Attract the right relationship this year.


*Feeling confident about expressing your needs.

*Understanding how to enjoy the first few dates so it lasts.

*Releasing insecurity and worry for good and becoming irresistible to men.

*Learning where to meet your perfect partner.

*The right person being attracted to you.

If I can go from anxious in love to secure in my dream relationship, so can you.


Our 3 month virtual program begins soon!

Before I started learning from Madeline it felt like dating success was a total mystery. I felt clueless about it all even though I’ve been in therapy and working on having healthy boundaries and a good relationship with myself.

The way she pieces it all together helps me to make sense of the failures and heartbreak I have experienced. Learning to trust myself and see the difference between chemistry and compatibility has been major.

- Elizabeth

My confidence levels have skyrocketed. I can actually say to myself that I am a good, kind, loving, caring person. A completely foreign concept to me before Madeline. I am no longer afraid to share myself with others in a real way, to cry in front of them, to let my guard down and be me. I have an amazing relationship now. My changes have positively impacted it.

Madeline listened and guided with a loving, calm hand. She has the kindest, most gentle, loving heart and it comes through in everything she does.

- Jean

What’s included in our 3 month program?

  • (2) one hour coaching calls per month for personalized support on your specific circumstances (lifetime access to recordings)


  • Weekly playbooks with step-by-step practices so you can begin confidently magnetizing a quality man (lifetime access)


  • Private online community for you to receive 24/7 coaching and support from other women on the same path to love


  • Daily love buddy intuitively selected to help keep your love goals on track

What is the investment?

Option 1:

Pay In Full

(Biggest savings)


Option 2:

Monthly Payment

3 monthly payments of


Madeline is thoughtful and kind, but not afraid to poke a bit into my motivations! She’s helped me to release my people-pleasing behaviors. I’ve learned how to speak my truth effectively and strengthen my relationships. Most positive aspect of working with Madeline? She gives constructive action homework, and I need actual how to’s quite often! Thank you, Madeline, for your insights.

- Susan

Finding Madeline felt like divine intervention during a time in my life where I needed more external support, an honest reflection of myself and my patterns, and a loving, kindred spirit to guide me to deeper understanding of how to fuel my self-love and find empowerment. Signing on to work with her has been a deep commitment to myself to overcome everything holding me back from accessing the vibrant light shining from within me. I am so grateful for her insightful reflections, gentle humor and easy laughter. Her light is a treasure to me and I’m so grateful for the ways she is encouraging me to walk with my head held high in this life.

- Hannah

Meet Your Coach

Once Madeline Charles cracked the code on attracting the right relationship, she knew she had to share her wisdom with the world. Blending her professional experience as a licensed psychotherapist with intuitive guidance, Madeline shares equal parts practical and spiritual guidance, to support women in receiving a secure, healthy partnership. Most known for helping women uncover their attraction blueprint, Madeline supports single women release the anxiety associated with finding love. When not coaching, Madeline can be found in the mountains of Colorado, living a vibrant, love-filled life.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'd really like to move forward but can't afford it right now. Will you be offering this program again?

I know it can feel scary or even near impossible to invest in yourself when you don’t have the money in your bank account at this moment. But I invite you to slow down and really tune in. You may even make a list of the ways it’s costing your emotional and physical health to not receive support. I’d hate to see you in the same place as here 6 months from now, when in 12 weeks you can shift into becoming an irresistible match for your ideal partner today.

If this program is something you feel pulled to, are you willing to creatively problem solve this for yourself? I’ve had clients (and I’ve done this when receiving coaching myself!) borrow money, sell things, reduce spending in other areas, or add an extra income source.

The fact that you are on this page says some part of you knows this is important. I have no plans to run this group in the future, so if you’re interested, the time is now!

But don’t just take it from me, here’s how my client Liz worked through her own fears around the financial investment for coaching:

“I have always been responsible with money and in general, so it concerned me that I was in a place where I had never been– in debt!  My family wasn’t any help because they criticized me for this, however, I also realized that they didn’t understand because they did not invest in bettering themselves. I figured out ways to save, redeemed rewards, and looked at how I was spending (which I had been meaning to do for a long time), so I could pay off my coaching investment as quickly as possible.  It was uncomfortable, but instead of focusing on the lack, I focused on the fact that I have the ability to pay it off quickly and looked more at what me investing in myself was going to open up for me. Staying in my comfort zone, listening to others’ negativity and letting my negativity and lack thinking, limit what I felt was possible for me was no longer an option. The shifts I’ve made over the past two years in working with Madeline have been HUGE! And the results I’ve already seen have been well worth the investment, and will continue to be as I push beyond my comfort zone.” -Liz

Life is busy. How much time will this program take to complete?

This program is designed to support your busy lifestyle and give you epic results. You can expect to focus about 4 hours/month on the program and still see big changes in your love life. All live coaching calls are recorded, for you to review whenever is convenient. Plus, there are built in catch up weeks for you to integrate what you’ve been learning. And our private online community is available for 24/7 coaching support.

I've tried group coaching in the past and didn't receive much personal support. Is this different?

This group is intentionally kept a small, intimate size to ensure everyone receives personal support. Each group coaching call includes direct coaching from me, to answer your specific questions. There is also an option to add ongoing private coaching support during the group program. If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity, please send an email to

Is this program focused more on inner work, or dating strategies?

I believe attracting the right relationship is a balance of both self-awareness and inspired action. This program will help you uncover thinking patterns and beliefs that are getting in the way of love, and you’ll learn specific tools and practices to see real results in your love life (online dating not required!).

My question isn't answered here. How do I get in touch?

I’m happy to answer your questions and help you decide your next best step-whether that’s this program, or not. Just shoot me a message at and I’ll be in touch soon.

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