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You know those times when most things are going well, but there’s that one area we’d really love to be different. And man, that one area just can’t seem to ever come together. Work, relationships, health and fitness. There always seems to be something a little off, am I right? Most of us have probably heard the saying, “energy flows where attention goes”, but what does that really mean? How can we understand that concept as something that breaks the cycle of being a victim of circumstance?

We start with really understanding just how powerful our thoughts are. How many of us like a nice quote on social media about conscious transformation, but don’t really integrate the concept? *raises hand*. I’ve been wrapping my head around the energy, vibration, and frequency of thoughts for years now, but it wasn’t until I started taking a good look at my own circumstances, did I grasp the magnitude of this connection. I have a whole journal from 5+ years ago with lots of inspirational spiritual quotes. I was planting little seeds of wisdom, but it takes time for these ideas to bloom. That’s been my experience anyway, and I’m good with it.

When we begin to deeply trust in the natural progression of life as something that is working with us, for our highest good, we open up to the possibilities of the present moment, and we create space for taking action on our dreams. I noticed this over the last few months as I’ve been doing a lot of traveling. Like, a major trip every month since December. Over the last few months, I also moved into a new home and started a new job.

All this shuffling around, settling in, packing, unpacking, getting aquatinted, on top of trying to process the life changing experiences from being immersed in different cultures and sights, has left me grasping for some sort of stable ground. I was talking with a good friend a couple months ago about all these trips, and how these travel opportunities sort of fell into my lap. My wise friend commented on how exploring was my current assignment from the universe. I could sense the truth in this, but I also couldn’t help but focus on how I longed for more time to get to know my new roommates, and really wished my work load would pick up. And before I knew it, most everyone close to me was hearing about this. Ask me how my new job was going, and I instantly went into how referrals were low and I felt frustrated.

I was in the space of “yeah, all that travel is amazing, but I’m stuck on these couple things that I wish were different”. I was essentially saying, I’m mostly grateful, mostly trusting, mostly honoring the unfolding of things…but if someone could tweak these other couple things, then I’d really know life is working to my advantage. That kind of mindset ultimately works against us, and produces the exact results we’re trying to get away from. Focusing on what we don’t have creates more of not having it. Funny how that works, huh? In getting caught up in the wishing and wanting of our desires, we are sending out a message to the universe that we’re going to force and control our way through life, in turn blocking opportunities that may be trying to present themselves to us. Then we often find ourselves creating a story about how there’s something flawed with us that’s getting in the way. Our self-worth goes down, and self-imposed suffering rises.

I believe the key is to first embrace where you are right now. Fully, completely, wholeheartedly. Understand that we are constantly calling into our lives experiences that are matching the energy of our being. And we will continue to rub up against resistance until we can identify these patterns and relinquish the need for things to happen in the way we thought they needed to. Find contentment in the most challenging areas of your life, if for no other reason, than for the lessons you are being called on to learn. From that place, we are able to take action towards our goals.

It finally clicked for me that perhaps the reason my new job wasn’t generating the amount of work I was hoping for, was because I’ve been busy globe trotting all over the place. Truthfully, it would have been very difficult for me to start working with new clients when I was out of the office so often. So maybe the slow work pace was a blessing in disguise. Maybe it was allowing me to more fully embrace the present moment of travel, without having to manage a mounting caseload. Sure, slow work means a smaller paycheck. And getting caught up in financial worry is a sure fire way for my anxiety to shoot up. And then I’m really not much good to myself or anyone else around me. So I made the conscious decision to stop complaining to people about this. If someone asked how work was going, I just said I’m hopeful I’ll be receiving more work soon. I meditated on letting go of my expectations around how or when this would happen. I visualized client referrals coming in. And not just any client, but clients I felt really connected to. Clients that felt called to the type of work I specialize in.

And what do you know, soon after making this shift, along with settling down from my whirlwind travel, the referrals starting coming in. I’m now working with some pretty stellar individuals. My schedule has also opened for more connection with my roommates and other dear friends. What a relief, I don’t have to push and pull my way forward. The universe takes care of me, and you, always. Relax into knowing that, and trust the timing of your life.